Truth or Dare Questions for Couples

Truth or Dare Questions for couples is played by married couples and hardly unusual. Add some nasty and kinky aspiration for mad enjoyment to your own relationship. Playing with Truth or Dare game with your partner can be adventurous and very alluring, or you and your date to understand the filthiest fantasies can play.

Truth or Dare for Couples


  1. Who’s your favorite in law?
  2. Who is your least favorite in-law?
  3. How many kids would you like to have?
  4. Have you ever thought about marrying someone else?
  5. How many relationships have you had before your partner?
  6. What is your partner irritating habit?
  7. What’s the sweetest thing your partner has ever done for you?
  8. Where do if you’d never met your spouse, you think you’d be?
  9. What body part of your partner do you like the most?
  10. What’s the most alluring thing about your spouse?
  11. Which would it be if one body part could be fixed by you on your partner?
  12. Does your partner act more like their mother or their dad?
  13. Is the partner a superb dancer?
  14. What was the best night you’ve had with your partner?
  15. What sexual position do your spouse and you use the most?
  16. What personality characteristic do you enjoy about your partner?
  17. How soon did you need to start a family?
  18. What country do you want to see with your spouse?
  19. What is your spouse’s favorite color?
  20. What is your partner’s favorite sport’s team?
  21. What was your spouse’s youth nickname?
  22. What could your partner not go a day without?
  23. Would your spouse trade you?
  24. What’s one lie your spouse tells everyone else, but you know the truth?
  25. Have you ever ever accused you spouse of cheating?
  26. How many times have you and your spouse before you got married broken up?
  27. If it meant which you would be quite wealthy would you leave your spouse?
  28. Who in your family enjoys your spouse the least, why?
  29. Has your partner ever done something really embarrassing in public which you didn’t wish to be seen together?


  1. Kiss your favorite part of your spouse
  2. Do an opinion of your favorite in-law
  3. Do an opinion of your least favorite in-law
  4. Sing you and your partner’s favorite tune
  5. Do an opinion of your partner
  6. Say something that only your spouse will realize
  7. Whisper something in your spouse’s ear that will turn on them
  8. Give your partner a backrub
  9. Take off your partner’s top just using your teeth
  10. Give your partner a lapdance
  11. Jump in the shower with your partner, while two of your favorite tunes play remain in there,
  12. Without looking at your partner at all go five minutes
  13. Give your spouse an Eskimo kiss
  14. Do an impression of your spouse’s best friend
  15. Turn your spouse on without touching them
  16. Be your spouse’s slave for the next 15 minutes
  17. Pour in your partner then eats it
  18. Make out until another round with your partner
  19. Sit down on your own partner’s lap until the next round
  20. Make a 2-minute tune about your spouse up
  21. Sing to your own spouse
  22. Give your spouse a foot wipe for 3 minutes
  23. Blow a raspberry on your partner’s brow
  24. Brush your spouse’s teeth
  25. Change panties with your partner
  26. Give your spouse a strip tease
  27. Smack on your partner’s booty
  28. Suck your partner’s toes
  29. Eat a piece of fruit from your partner’s underwear
  30. Call an ex-husband of your partner’s and get advice on how to cope with one among your partner’s irritating habits
  31. Bite on your spouse’s bottom lip
  32. Do something amusing that just your spouse will comprehend
  33. Take your partner’s cellphone and go through all the emails and graphics, about what you see but don’t say a word,
  34. Walk on your spouse’s back for a minute